Monday, June 28, 2010

One Last Word...

On a parting note when it comes to the Dwell on Design Show, as a furniture designer and hopeful business person, I had the same question for every business owner I spoke with whether a builder, green energy company, or showroom owner: "How has business been in 2010?" The answer was almost always a resounding "good and getting better". Some designers said '09 was a terrible year but 2010 has been even better than '08 already. Without a doubt I was left with a sense of optimism. Everyone is having a good first quarter and looking forward to a strong finish to 2010. The numbers are looking good and the momentum getting stronger. In a seemingly endless sea of negative press giving us a constant reminder of a sagging economy, the word on the street is "best sales in a long time". So suit up. Lets go for a ride. I think it's time already.

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