Monday, June 28, 2010

As a furniture maker, design professional, and all around design geek, I find it difficult to nail down a perspective on sharing information about other studios that would otherwise be considered competition. At Dwell on Design this weekend, I found myself geeking out about a whole range of boutique lines that are visionaries and all around great people. Chief among such companies is Mash Studios with their LAX series and some of their upcoming releases. I had a lengthy conversation with owner Bernard Brucha about fabrication, design, and the rigors of bringing quality into production at an affordable price all while staying green in todays American marketplace. Bernard and his studio manager Zoe were plain out straight shooters and without a doubt one of my favorite conversations at the show. They have a showroom in Venice and a fantastic new collection coming out. Worth your time and worth your money. In time you'll see more posts from me about these guys.

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